“We were truly blessed not only to experience these special places but to have all the comforts we enjoyed by staying at wonderful places and enjoying such wholesome meals – I miss the delicious meals! I am amazed at how you manage to provide so much within the price of the pilgrimage.” — Rosa Calaca, Johannesburg

“From start to finish, it was amazing, spiritually uplifting and, quite frankly, life-changing. Your arrangements for hotels, meals at restaurants, transport and all the other things that make life easy, were first class. The price charged for the tour was very, very reasonable, given the level of everything you provided.” — Lionel & Bernie Sheldon, Cape Town

“Thank you for organizing such a successful trip. You made our time away very enjoyable. You were awesome and very patient. Simply the best!” — Hellen & Andy Buatre, Pretoria

“An experience that we will never forget. The service rendered by yourself was excellent. We WILL again utilise your service and recommend Fowler Tours to anybody that would like to go on a pilgrimage.” — Lena & Baldwin Hartley, Johannesburg

“Thank you for such a wonderful pilgrimage. Every tour was done to perfection and I can only imagine all the logistics and hard, hard work that went into the planning of such an eventful tour. It has left me with memories that can never be forgotten.” — Ana Ferreira, Johannesburg

“Visiting all the important sites with added insights from the guides was really memorable, but experiencing daily Mass, saying the Rosary, singing and enjoying the people in our group were real highlights for us.” — Kevin & Sheila Hartwanger, East London